School regulations

School Regulations

  1. Punctuality is a value at Xavier's. All are to be punctual for school activities and class.
  2. At the sign of the first bell, all the students assemble in front of the school building for the school assembly. Change of classes must be done in silence and order.
  3. Because of the high standard of English required, English will be spoken at all times in the school premise as an opportunity to practice spoken English. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who are habitual defaulters.
  4. Private tuition is prohibited. Please follow the classes and ask questions if you do not understand. Personal effort is the best to understand and acquire knowledge.
  5. Gentlemanliness is expected from all at all times. Shouting. whistling and running about are not allowed inside the school premise. It is strictly prohibited to throw anything at another.
  6. The school is yours and so you must look after it. Do not scratch or spoil desks and benches, do not write on the walls and do not damage any of the school property in any way.
  7. You are allowed to bring to school only those items that are necessary for classes. Please do not bring any other items to school. Confiscated items will not be returned.
  8. Money should not be borrowed or lent or articles given in exchange. The school will not be responsible for things lost. Please do not bring valuable items to school.
  9. Students are expected to join various games and tournaments organized in the school. Please be regular once joined.
  10. Students whose conduct is Injurious to the moral tone of the school or incompatible with strict discipline are liable to be dismissed. In particular, stealing and cheating will be dealt with very sternly.
  11. Mobiles are banned at all times in the school. If you bring by mistake such items. Please hand such objects over to your class teacher and takes it away when you go home.
  12. Students must prepare their lessons at home and spend a reasonable good time for personal study in the morning and in the evening. Parents must see that children sit and study at home.
  13. Parents must inform the school authorities if their child is suffering from any ailments. This can prevent any untoward Incident as we will be able to take precautions.
  14. Students should not leave the school premise during school hours without the permission of the principal.
  15. Parents should not visit teachers without the permission of the principal.
  16. All school fees should be paid before the 15th of the month as indicated in the school calendar.
  17. Students are not allowed to use Kajal, Bindi, Nail polish, mehendi etc. in school.
  18. No fashionable hair styles should be used in the school premise.
  19. Students should maintain neatness and cleanliness in their dress and work and keep their nails trimmed. Rules to be followed in the Examination Hall Students must come in school uniform for examinations.
After the assembly, all are to move to examinations halls in silence and take your places. You must bring whatever is needed to write the examination. You are not allowed to borrow or lent anything in the examination hall. Mathematical instrument boxes brought must be kept open and must not have any formulae written on them." Please write your name on the answer scripts as soon as you receive them. Ten minutes are given to read and understand the questions. You are allowed to ask any clarification only at this time. You must not leave space in between answers. If space is left, that must be crossed with a pen before handing over papers to the examiner.
Nothing must be written on the question paper. Please keep last ten minutes for revision of answers. You can correct the mistakes you made due to nervousness and get better marks if you revise. Please put your pen down as soon as the examiner announces the end of the examination. Tie all the scripts together and hand over the scripts to the examiner before leaving the hall.

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