School uniforms

School Uniforms

  1. Students must be in school uniform when they come to school and uniforms must be clean and tidy.
  2. All the students must have Identity cards hung around their necks.
  3. Discoloured uniforms are not allowed.
  4. During winter, solid navy blue sweaters and blazers must be worn. Girls are recommended to wear jackets.

Absence and Tardiness

  1. Those who were absent on the previous day must get their diary signed by the Principal before they enter class.
  2. It is compulsory for all the students to be present on first and last day of the term.
  3. Absence for more than three days must need a medical certificate or prior permission from the principal.
  4. A student who is absent for more than 15 class days without any prior information or permission will be struck off the roll and he/she will have to take re-admission if he/she wants to continue his/her studies.
  5. Repeated absence without due permission will render the student liable to be dismissed.
  6. A student who returns to school after recovering from an infectious disease should produce a doctor's certificate of fitness.
  7. Since regularity is stressed very much in the school, students who do not have 80% of attendance will not be allowed to write examinations.
  8. Leave will not be granted for festivals and visit to relatives or for marriages and so on unless they are urgent.
  9. Students having 100% attendance can claim 1-2% marks in case of need.
  10. Late comers must get their diary signed by the Principal before they are allowed into the classes.

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